The Earth Collides With The Night

by Ashley W.

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released October 31, 2010



all rights reserved


Ashley W. Tupelo, Mississippi

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Track Name: The Earth Collides
The earth collides with the night,
just like my lips and this glass of wine.
So as we look from these heights,
let's let our arms entangle and entwine.

The earth collides with the night,
just like my lips and this love of mine.
So as we look at these heights,
let's let our spirits haggle and decline.

Shards of lightning, shards of glass.
Meet the devil, watch him pass.
I ain't no angel clad in white,
I ain't no creature of the night.
I ain't no angel.

Take a look up at the sky,
there's nothing left there but a world of dreams.
Track Name: Present Progressive
I'm in it for the long haul,
I'm here for the end of it all.
I'm here for your down fall,
this is our final curtain call.

There's a body washed up on the shore,
and I pray to god please let it be yours.

Here lies the great and powerful,
turned into nothing at all.

I know nothing of past or future tense,
I live only in the moment,
I live only in the now.
Track Name: The Shoulder Of Orion
I'm crawling through time,
but rocketing through space.
It only took a light year
to forget your face.

Nothing left to lose, nothing left to gain.

I'm falling from stars,
but staying right here.
We're not even in the
same atmosphere.

Here, on the shoulder of Orion.
Track Name: Positions In Space
I can't tell if I'm sinking or flying.
I can't tell if I'm living or dying.
All I know is I'm somewhere in between.

I can't tell if I'm deaf mute or blind.
I can't tell if I'm leading or behind.
All I know is I'm somewhere in between.

Oh, I'm handing off control
to the systems on board,
so we can leave this place,
positions in space.

I can't tell if I'm singing or crying.
I can't tell if I'm yelling or sighing.
All I know is I'm somewhere in between.

Take positions.
Track Name: Contact
Wit and tact,
a deadly act,
oh how the mighty fall.

Pride intact,
Suicide pact,
within the city walls.

Once again I hear this sermon
it always ends with my crucifixion.

oh demagogue,
all great and powerful.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel,
and I'm just trying to get there and make contact.
Is it possible to make contact?

Through Syria,
to Lebanon.
My will and kingdom come.

From Lebanon,
to Israel,
then finally home to hell.
Track Name: Touch The Ground (Home)
I'm nothing to worry about,
I've got nothing up my sleeve.
All I want to do is eat and write
and sleep and everything in between.
I can't do anything about the past,
the past never seemed to last.
I only stay there for a while,
and all and all...

I need my feet to touch the ground,
I need you all to gather round.
I need you all here tonight,
the candles, the cell phones.
the flickering street light.
The beggar on the side of the road,
the guy with the name nobody knows.
Where we drank for the first time,
where we committed our first crime.
Where Matthew tried to kill himself,
Where Steven succeeded where Matthew failed,
The place that only we can know,
the place that we've come to call home.

I've got nothing to worry about,
I've never failed when it counts.
I've only failed all my friends,
but half of them are fucking dead.
The other half just got out of jail,
And half of them will go back again.
I've never stood within those walls,
but all in all...
Track Name: Vultures (No Need For Love)
I got nothing to give, no no.
I got nothing to say, no no.
I got nothing to give, no no.
I got nothing to say.

No no I don't.
No I guess I don't.
No no I don't.
No I guess I don't.

I got no need for love, no no.
I got no need for love.

I've got plenty of time to bide, it's a beautiful day.
I'm gunna eat you alive, this vultures ready to play.
Track Name: Dead Man's Switch
I've never seen a sunrise quite like this before.
I've never seen a look in your eye like this before.

The sun is smiling out in space and seems to be spitting in my face.
The wind is picking up it's pace and knocking me back to second place.

I've never felt quite as well as I did before.
I've never dealt a killing blow like this before.

If they decide to wreck me,
they'll cut me to the ground.
Track Name: Horse
I hope you didn't expect to end with a bit of optimism.
A hopeful message, a few kind words.
Cause let me tell you, you'll be disappointed.

I hope you didn't wish to leave here with a good feeling.
Like I'm some kind of saint who lives to uplift the living.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

There's nothing like watching the train leave, with your ticket in hand.
You laid the tracks, blood sweat and tears.
Let's hold the light up against your peers.

Bah bah bah, the sheep they kindly bleat.
Blah blah blah, the wolves begin to eat.

I am arrogant I agree. I am everything that I seem.
I'm something ugly, I'm pitiful.
I can't create I can only destroy.

Da da da, the quartet croons along,
Na na na, another shitty song.
Track Name: The Finale
Sitting here on the sidewalk,
trying to figure out what to do.
Trying to learn everything anew.

Every once in a little while,
I can't help but crack a smile,
thinking of the things you do.

And all the trouble I've caused you.

So long to the coastline,
so long to me and mine,
don't worry I'll be fine.

So long to the coastline,
so long yeah I'll be fine,
just me and mine.

So, so long to all of you.